Hilarious Pens

$ 4.50 $ 5.50

The perfect accessory for your desk.  These hilarious pens make the perfect desk accessory and/or gift for your favorite co-worker.  Who needs boring pens?!  Or a gift for your husband, "Don't be a Richard" pen! 

So, go ahead and enjoy writing again.  Enjoy making that grocery list with these sarcastic pens.  Available in several hilarious sayings, black or blue ink.  But who really cares about the color of the ink, right!!!

  • Be Fucking Kind Pen
  • Calm Your Tits Pen
  • Fresh Out of Fucks Pen
  • Nosey Little Fucker Pen
  • Not Today Bitch Pen
  • Don't Be a Richard Pen
  • This MTG is Bullshit
  • Fancy Britches
  • Petty Pen
  • I Stole This Pen

Have a lovely, hilarious and sarcastic day!!